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Safety & Policy

Industrial Relations Statement

Our Promise..

AM Scaffolding complies with the mandatory requirements such as follows,


*Workers compensation


*Long Service Leave

*Pay roll meets and is above the award wage

*Payment of Remuneration

We work closely with our clients to meet their expectations, budget and timelines for each job. This is why our customers keep recommending AM Scaffolding

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

AM Scaffolding acknowledge that an effective OH&S system is an integral part of achieving its goals of being a leader in the Scaffolding industry. 


Senior management is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all its employees, contractors.  All employees are aware that they have a collective and individual responsibility with regard to the prevention of workplace injuries and working safely.


AM Scaffolding is committed to eliminating work related injuries through the following:

  • Implementing uniform risk management processes to adequately control risks in the workplace and on sites under our control,

  • Being compliant with all applicable relevant legislations, codes of practice and standards,

  • Ensuring scaffolding materials are safe and to Australian standards without risk.

  • All projects are lead by experts to comply with WHS regulations and industry codes of practice.

  • We engage frequent equipment inspections and certifications to ensure that we are always working safely and with full potential.

  • Our team of qualified professionals, undertake regular training to ensure our employees are all up to date with tickets.


Workplace Rehabilitation Policy

AM Scaffolding Pty Ltd is committed to the rehabilitation of employees who are injured at work and to ensuring that such employees remain at work, or return to work as soon as possible, after they have sustained an injury.

AM Scaffolding has instituted the following procedure in consultation with staff and the Occupational health and safety committee. The procedure attached describes how rehabilitation and return to work is to be implemented in the workplace and documents the roles and responsibilities of all employees - including management.

Environmental Management Plan

In support of the NSW Public Works Environmental Policy

AM Scaffolding through the implementation of attached Environmental Management Plan will identify potential environmental impacts and manage these throughout the life of the Contract, whilst complying with all relevant environmental legislation and Government guidelines.


The Project Manager will ensure that Contractors working on any site have been provided with a copy or extract of relevant sections of the EMP before the Contractor commences work on site.


The Project Manager will ensure that any amended parts of the EMP that are relevant to a Contractor are provided to the contractor as soon as practicable after the amendment(s) has/have been made.


The Project Manager will advise of any changes required to the plan to the Authorized Person so they can maintain and keep up-to-date for the contract.



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